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The DreamSpell is an esoteric calendar in part inspired by the Maya calendar.

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DreamSpell combines several sciences: astrology, numerology and others, whose task is to study time. What cycles does time have, how are they related? These questions can be answered with DreamSpell.

The knowledge gained allows us to analyze the past years and more rationally, with greater benefit, plan our future life. Each of us is born with certain qualities. Some are given for life, and some are given for several years or even days. DreamSpell helps to calculate these gaps and use the potential to the maximum.

The DreamSpell is a set of 4D tools or manuals for learning about mathematical principles and codes and the fractal nature of time.

Welcome to the fourth dimension!

"Just as air is the atmosphere for the body, so time is the atmosphere for the mind. If the time we live in consists of unequal months and days, controlled by mechanical minutes and hours, then our consciousness becomes such - a mechanical disorder.
Since everything is created by consciousness, it is not surprising that the atmosphere in which we live becomes more and more polluted, and everyone around complains: “I don’t have enough time!” The one who controls your time controls your mind. Master your time and you will master your mind!"
Jose Argüelles

Natural and mechanical time

The perception of the time in which we live is based on the readings of two instruments whose power over our lives has never been comprehended. This is the Gregorian calendar, consisting of 12 unequal months, and a clock built on the principle of mechanical division of space into 60 equal parts. Thus, the time in which our consciousness exists reflects the predominance of three-dimensional mechanistic spatial perception, which is also defined as the frequency of 12:60.
Natural time is four-dimensional. It is not a measurement of duration, but acts as a synchronization factor. Its frequency is 13:20. 13 corresponds to the thirteen Galactic Tones, or Forces of Creation. 20 is 20 Solar Frequencies represented by twenty signs or seals. The Tzolkin, the 260-kin "Holy Calendar" of the Maya, is based on this frequency.

Thirteen Moon 28 Day Calendar

The Thirteen Moon Calendar is a tool to help you re-adjust your own consciousness to natural time. It consists of Thirteen Moons of 28 days each - 364 days in total, plus one "green day" - the Day Out of Time.
The purpose of the Thirteen Moon calendar is to synchronize the solar-lunar annual cycle with the 260-element galactic cycle, an endless spiraling vortex of time that precisely synchronizes with the Thirteen Moon calendar every 52 years.
The galactic cycle, the Tzolkin, consists of twenty-thirteen-kin wave structures. Kin is a universal unit of time that can correspond to one day, one moon, one year, and so on.
Each day in the Thirteen Moon calendar corresponds to one kin of the 260-element Tzolkin. Thus, each day has certain energy characteristics, represented by a pair of Galactic tone and Solar seal (frequency).
The entry ticket to the Thirteen Moon Calendar is your Kin corresponding to your birthday. This is your galactic seal, your galactic signature, your galactic code.

Using the DreamSpell tools, the explorer naturally enters the Synchronic Order of reality and becomes aware of the principle of holonomic wholeness. The 4 colors, 13 tones and 20 solar seals set up a mathematical code that allows you to use your galactic signature as you enter ever greater orders of synchronicity. The DreamSpell also provides an opportunity to explore the events of one's life in terms of fractal synchronicity. The mobile interaction of Earth Families, Color Races and Solar Clans becomes the basis of social organization in time.
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